A Slice of Himalaya... About Us

Founded in 2017 by the identical twins, Rogert and Jes Münzberg, Münzberg Design is a young Danish brand shaking up the luxury designware market. Mature and experienced, they bring a much-needed strong work ethics and wisdom to what has become a volatile marketplace.

Their goal is simple – to make their brand of affordable luxury designware exciting and adventurous to experience in every way.

Their destinctive designware is a blend of renowned tradition of Danish design and craftmanship made with the highest quality materials.

Münzberg Design is a brand build on passionate curiousity – a very Danish-quality: Going from the deepest ocean to the Roof of the World in search of exceptional quality and genuine authenticity. But the real secret to Münzberg Design is revelation that touches your heart as much as your mind.

Carefully handcrafted for your excitement, the result is a range of stunning timeless designware, flexible enough to take you effortlessly from exclusive elegance to casual. Raise the impression of your dining table to perfection, or add stylish fashion accessories to the surprise and delight of your friends.

Münzberg Design is your approachable luxury brand that makes you feel the moments of unique satisfaction and pleasure, everyday.

  • Bow tie "FITZROY"

    Bracelet "ETNA"

    Belt "EVEREST" (35 mm)

    Key Chain "MATTERHORN"

  • Table Mat "PALETTE" (2)

    Sleeve Armbands "OLYMPUS" (2)

    Suspenders "Kilimanjaro"

    Card Holder "Fuji"